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About the Programme

FarmConnect is here to help you improve your wellbeing, so you can cope better with the ups and downs of farming life.

Farming in Ireland is a tough job, with unique challenges and pressures facing you every day. That’s why looking after yourself and minding your own wellbeing is so important. Many of the things that crop up are hard to predict or control. How you deal with these situations affects you as a farmer, and your farm. By taking care of YOU, you are taking care of your farm too.

Look into our Toolkit – it is designed to help. It can improve your wellbeing and guide you to other supports, so you can cope better with farming challenges, pressures, and stresses.

Pictured at the launch of FarmConnect at Mahon Bridge, County Waterford were Minister of State Martin Heydon, Clare Thoma, Programme Coordinator, and local farmer Willie Drohan. [Dylan Vaughan Photography]
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